Benefits-of co-employment-relationships-in-Argentina

Benefits of co-employment relationships in Argentina

Before start talking about the benefits of co-employment relationships in Argentina you could earn with a co-employment relationship, you should know how exactly is.

Co-employment has emerged recently to talk about the relationship stablished between a company (client) and a specialized company in PEO (“Professional Employer Organization”).

That comes for the requirement generated at companies to stablish subsidiaries in different countries from his origin country, and consist on the outsourcing of recruitment process and other Human Resources and administrative task to a specialized company. Thereby, workers would be on the “template” of both companies: owner control diary task, meanwhile co-employer control the rest, so client company can focus itself on this duties which increase benefits, leaving administrative and legal process in co-employer’s hands, who has the knowledge about how this new country works.

Benefits of co-employment relationships in Argentina

Co-employment relationship can fit to every companies’ size. Companies who desires to create a new subsidiary in a new country like Argentina, will start with a small office, so they will not have specialized workers who can carry out the necessary short-term management. That’s why co-employment relationship are so profitable: enable to earn time and money.

We will see how co-employment relationships could help your company:

1 Accelerates the opening process

As we said, be able to delegate in a specialized company the legal and administrative aspects from the destination country like Argentina allows company owner to reduce his effort searching for information and processing necessary paperworks, avoiding possible problems and delays doubt to a documentation shortage. That allows the owner focus on expand and increase benefits, getting rid of the most heavy and slow process.

2 Increase company attractive for workers

In a country like Argentina, who is getting out from a little economic and social recession, better access to social benefits and formative programs for workers increase company’s attractive while looking for a job.

Co-employment relationship would help your company taking charge of the contact and talks with suppliers to obtain better benefits, adapted to each worker necessities and desires. Moreover, as a specialized company who manage a lot of companies, Co-employer could get access to social benefits reserved to big companies, non-accessible to small and medium companies.

On the other hand, a good co-employment relationship could help you to make your company professionally attractive, achieving the best workers you can get which will remain in the company for longer, avoiding cost related to train new staff continuously.

3 Increase your company positioning in the new country market

One of the most important things when you are opening a new business or subsidiary, is the good positioning in the market.

With a good co-employment relationship, you could have information about how market works, knowing as soon as possible what your company needs to grow and get a good position.

4 Increase your information access

Every country laws are continuously changing and you don’t always have the time neither the access to this information with the necessary quickness.

A good co-employment relationship with Argentina could help you. You don’t have to worry, they will take charge to be up to date and keep you informed about changes that could influence your business.

Even, as Human Resources specialized company, they could guide about laws concern worker, for example, what you should and could demand your workers, or what you shouldn’t accept.

Conclusions and suggestions

Co-employment relationship are always beneficial to companies which don’t have neither the time, neither the information when they are thinking on opening a new business or subsidiary in a different country, with special laws and requirements.

Despite all this, hiring, firing and acting company decisions to carry out, will completely be decided for the company owner, being the co-employer functions to advice, support, inform and process necessary things.

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